Manchester, Vermont's Premium Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Retailer
Manchester, Vermont's Premium Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Retailer

All About Olive and Ives

Olive and Ives Owner, Melissa Cochran

Olive and Ives was founded in 2015 when owner Melissa Cochran was working as an emergency room nurse. Being a nurse, she was interested in the health benefits of olive oil. She learned that studies had shown olive oil to reduce heart disease and incidence of stroke. With her new interest in olive oil, a close friend of hers brought her to a local olive oil store and encouraged her to try all of the different oils to see the difference in those compared to grocery store oil.


This experience opened up a whole new world to her. She fell in love with the idea. Sharing these oils and the knowledge she was obtaining was something she knew she wanted to do. It became a passion.

Melissa knew right away the place she wanted to do this in was none other than Manchester Vermont. She had gone to Manchester when she was a kid and loved it. When searching for a space for the olive oil store she became enamored with the historic town. The space she found had previously been a daycare and needed a lot of work to transform it into the store she had in mind.


The space itself, however was perfect. Melissa, family and friends got to work making the transformation possible. “A family friend in Bennington VT had a barn that had fallen down that was originally built in the 1800’s," said Melissa. "We went there and handpicked all of the wood for our barn wood walls, doors and shelving and did all of the construction ourselves.  We put our heart and souls into the transformation of the carpeted daycare to our rustic barn board, brick and cement floor Olive Oil shop.”

What Makes Us Unique

When it comes to olive oil fresher is better. That is why we “follow the crush”. We change our selection of Varietal oils very 6-8 months to provide the freshest oil available. We import from places such as Spain,Chile,Australia,Italy,Greece, Africa and California. Our oils go through extensive chemical make up testing so we are able to provide you the consumer with knowledge on what is in the oil you are using and where it is from. Our goal is to educate our customers on the benefits of using fresh olive oil vs big box brands. We encourage customers to try before you buy.


Our Balsamic
We offer a variety of Balsamic vinegars imported from Modena Italy. We have traditional and infused Balsamics in both white and dark varieties. Our infusions are done with natural flavors by our chef in California. Aged up to 25 years using the Solera method allows us to offer a higher quality Balsamic at a great price. Our Balsamic is made up of only one ingredient. Aged Grape must. There are absolutely no fillers or added coloring. All natural and delicious.

Our Sea Salts
We work with sea salt specialists who search the world for the highest quality natural gourmet sea salts. We have found that natural sea salts produced in different parts of the world have their own distinct flavor and texture. Our natural sea salts are produced with no anti caking agents, bleach and contain all their own trace minerals.

Olive and Ives

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